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O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2018 “The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference builds skills by focusing on technical breadth as well as depth. Understanding the tradeoffs, technology options, and engineering practices is critical because the long-term success of many companies balances on the effectiveness and versatility of the software engineering architecture teams that design, implement, and deploy it.” Speakers of the conference in New York, NY will share new best practices and approaches to software engineering. Engineers, developers, tech managers, and more...
Are you redesigning your website or adding an eCommerce platform? You already know that you need help with a web development project. Unfortunately, your current IT team doesn’t have all the skills you need for the job. More than that, you may not be certain what kind of talent you want to hire. The truth is that not all web developers are created equal. Some specialize in certain programming languages. Others have expert knowledge in mobile devices or databases. In...
Two major platforms dominate the mobile market, but doubling up on development time gets expensive. Creating an app that performs equally well on Android or iOS, with all of the same functionality, can be an incredible challenge and big budget sink. React Native allows you to develop a smooth user experience on any platform. For business apps, where intense graphics components are not an issue, React Native is a great way to speed up development and create easy continuity in...
Forget about Silicon Valley: Miami is quietly making itself known as a hub for business and technology. According to the Kauffman Index, a leading metric of entrepreneurship, the Miami metropolitan area is the U.S. city with the most startup activity in 2017. Last year, Miami saw 560 new entrepreneurs for every 100,000 adults. Miami and the South Florida region are home to some of the hottest startups in the country — like Magic Leap, a company that’s working on an...
At this stage in web development, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to JavaScript. With so many excellent open source projects available, choosing the right JavaScript framework can be a game-changer for your website. JavaScript frameworks let you get more out of web development by providing a standard set of functions and patterns to work with. This makes you more efficient and productive. If you’re looking to build an enterprise app, the three options below are...
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