Should I Build or Buy? 5 Advantages to Custom Software Solutions


So should I build or buy? When you’re looking for new enterprise software, it’s natural to want something simple, standard, and cost-effective. But are you looking for a short-term answer, or do you want a long-term solution that makes your organization better and more productive? For many businesses, owning your own software is a much better option. Whether you build it yourself or contract outside development to help, here are 5 advantages off-the-shelf applications just can’t offer.

1. More Functionality

An out-of-the-box solution might be simple and cost-effective, but in these situations, you unfortunately get what you pay for. And frankly, it pays to go with more functionality. This is because if you want your software application to streamline processes, be compatible with all your other programs, and update in real time, it’s better to go with a custom solution rather than a boxed one. Custom solutions simply offer more. In fact, a recent survey of IT executives found that most choose to go with custom software because they couldn’t find exactly what they needed on the market. In the end, the improved efficiency of your business is well worth the initial investment, saving you time and money in the long run.

2. Room for Growth

When you buy something “off-the-shelf”, everything is basically set in stone. This means that while it may meet your expectations and requirements now, it might not in the future. Are you expecting new business opportunities in the next few years? If this happens, will you hire new employees? Then you need a program that grows with you. Your software is exactly that – yours – and it offers the flexibility and scalability your organization needs. You own the source code and the features. You can continue to upgrade and perform maintenance as much or as little as you want.

3. Better Integration

If you’re like any other business, you have a bunch of different programs for organization and productivity. Pre-made products do not communicate well with “outside” software. Quite often, they’re built specifically to communicate well with sister products in an effort to get customers to buy their other products, or even an entire suite.

Custom solutions, on the other hand, are intuitive to your needs. They are built with your current programs in mind. Best of all, you won’t be hamstrung by any limitations when you look for other solutions in the future. You can always tweak your software to work with new ones as they’re implemented.

4. Boosted Security

Data security is more important now than its ever been. Many times, an organization’s software houses records of a sensitive nature, such as medical or banking information. You must also keep employee data safe. If you or someone else discovers a security flaw, you are at the mercy of the provider to take care of it in a timely fashion.

If you build your own, however, you will have the ability to implement security standards that are as rigid as you want. Boxed software often needs to be a bit more open in order to work in different environments. Since have a custom solution, it is designed to work in a very specific setting, leaving less potential vulnerabilities.

5. A Competitive Advantage

If two companies are using the same off-the-shelf solutions, which one will get more sales? The answer is uncertain. Both offer the same features and face the same issues. Even if the software is used purely on an internal basis, both organizations have the exact same levels of productivity.

For businesses who want to come out on top, Specific-Group knows that customization is the answer. A software system tailored for your own processes means employees will work more efficiently. More than that, they can respond to a customer’s needs quickly and accurately. If you’re interested in speaking to a team of expert software developers about your own potential development solution, reach out to us at Specific-Group. Our Miami-based teams give you a competitive advantage through custom software solutions.


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