Custom Order Management Software: Key Features to Increase Efficiency


Custom software development can bring considerable advantages to your organization. You can tweak software to fit your exact business requirements, especially if you need to perform complex integrations with third-party systems. When compared with pre-built or “boxed” software, these solutions are more flexible and scalable. This means it can change alongside your business as you expand and evolve.

A growing number of companies in nearly every industry are realizing the benefits of partnering with custom software development. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most important ways that custom order management software can make your enterprise more efficient and productive.

Order Management Automation

Managing orders well is one of the most important factors to the success of your business. To deliver products and services according to schedule and in line with customer expectations, you need a dedicated end-to-end custom order management software. This will give you a more comprehensive view into current and previous orders.

Order management lies at the intersection of sales and fulfillment. Custom software can unify and integrate these areas within a single easy-to-use platform. This way, different departments and people can more easily communicate, share data, and view revenue streams.

In addition to these integrations, custom order management software can also streamline activities such as accounting, billing, and collections. Processes are often burdened and slowed down by using manual efforts and offline spreadsheets. However, automation saves your company time by helping you regain proactive control over workflow.

Another field that can benefit from automation, especially for small businesses, is invoicing. Companies need to be able to group clients by a certain attribute, customize their invoice documents, and store data in the cloud for better security and reduced costs. A custom order management software with invoicing functionality can enable you to turn orders into invoices with a single click.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

As mentioned above, one of the biggest selling points of custom software is flexibility and scalability. Not only is this flexible enough to fit your own business requirements, it also adapts to today’s changing compliance laws and regulations. This is because it’s developed specifically in accordance with your unique business requirements. So custom solutions can more easily help you meet whatever laws and regulations you must be compliant with. In addition, most software development firms give you access to the application’s source code. This helps your team confirm that the software is behaving as it should.

You can even partner with a custom software developer to create a compliance management application. Such an application can provide you visibility across your entire enterprise so that you can establish an internal controls system. You’ll be able to track issues in real time and keep an eye on your monthly, quarterly, and annual compliance metrics.

Documentation and Reporting

As an additional benefit, custom software can serve your internal systems. For instance, documentation and reporting applications allow you to home in on metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most important. So many companies want to make better data-driven decisions. However, they’re stifled by not having real-time access to the most important information. Unfortunately, their reporting capabilities are far too slow. The insights might as well be useless once they actually land on the desks of key decision-makers.

Custom software applications can be immensely valuable in breaking down organizational silos and fostering collaboration across the entire enterprise. The right reporting solution will allow you to build streamlined, attractive dashboards and reports that emphasize the KPIs that you want to monitor.

By improving the visibility of data for everyone who needs it, you’ll be making it easier to collaborate with teams about their reports. Custom documentation and reporting software breaks down institutional barriers and enables valuable insights to reach stakeholders at the times when they need them most.

Final Thoughts

The topics above are just a few of the ways that custom software can benefit your business even long after your initial investment. Interested in learning more about what custom software can do for your company? Based in Miami, Florida, Specific-Group has extensive experience in these topics above and more. Read how Specific-Group has helped other organizations by developing an efficient and effective system for customers.


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