Custom Software Development in Miami: Top Outsourcing Benefits


Forget about Silicon Valley: Miami is quietly making itself known as a hub for business and technology. According to the Kauffman Index, a leading metric of entrepreneurship, the Miami metropolitan area is the U.S. city with the most startup activity in 2017. Last year, Miami saw 560 new entrepreneurs for every 100,000 adults.

Miami and the South Florida region are home to some of the hottest startups in the country — like Magic Leap, a company that’s working on an augmented reality headset and has raised nearly $2 billion in equity. The city is a particularly appealing location for businesses that are interested in tapping into the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets. Open English, another Miami startup, provides English language education to Spanish speakers and has raised $120 million in funding.

Whether you’re an established business or still working from home, technology is a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Miami business owners need to produce high-quality web and mobile applications that will make their customers and employees happier and more productive.

Custom Software Development Benefits South Florida Markets

Think about the products that you offer, targeted audience, geographical location, company hierarchy and history. All of these factors and more combine to distinguish you from your competitors. Every business is unique — so why shouldn’t your business use custom software that fits perfectly with your goals, needs and challenges?

Simply put, custom web applications help improve the way that businesses function:

  • Because custom software can be easily changed as your business grows, it’s much more flexible and scalable than out-of-the-box solutions. The software works with your business, rather than the other way around.
  • Using custom software also helps you avoid the problems of bloat or underfitting, where the software has too much or too little functionality. You don’t have to pay twice as much just to get access to a single feature that you really need.
  • If you have other back-end systems and software, building a custom application can be much easier than trying to integrate them with a pre-built solution.

Your business can use custom software development in Miami for nearly anything you can imagine. This includes e-commerce, inventory management, manufacturing, healthcare, banking and more. Let’s take e-commerce as just one example.

Pre-built e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce are good when you’re just starting out or if your e-commerce needs are very simple. As your company grows, however, you’ll quickly find out their limitations. For example, let’s say you have special requirements for shipping items or complicated logic for sales and promo codes. Pre-built e-commerce solutions might not be able to give you the flexibility you require. On the other hand, a custom e-commerce website is tailored precisely to how you want it to look, feel, and behave.


Why Companies in Miami Should Outsource

More and more companies in Miami are turning to outsourcing for software development needs. For example, the Miami startup MealPal, which provides a monthly lunch subscription service, relied on software outsourcing to build its product as a cost-effective way to get the company up and running. Despite not coming from a technical background, MealPal founder Mary Biggins made her vision a reality thanks to outsourcing.

Whether in Miami or around the world, companies who make use of software outsourcing enjoy a variety of benefits:

  • Skilled expertise: Hiring, onboarding, and training new employees can be a long and expensive process. This is especially true when you need a niche skill. Using an outsourcing company lets you find the perfect person for the job right away.
  • Reduced overhead: Outsourcing saves you from paying a full-time salary and worrying about benefits such as health insurance and time off. You can focus on your core business objectives instead of having to build another team in-house.
  • Flexible staffing: If your business frequently experiences highs and lows in demand, then hiring full-time employees is an unnecessary expense. You can strategically leverage outsourcing during surge periods, and then scale back when you no longer require the extra brainpower.
  • Increased efficiency: Your full-time employees don’t have to worry about how new hires will affect the team’s flow. Now they can concentrate on their most important tasks. This makes them more efficient while your outsourcing partner takes care of the rest.
  • Lower turnaround time: By combining your existing workforce with an outsourcing team, you can get more done in less time. You’ll be able to develop features faster and improve your time to market.
  • Higher profits: Outsourcing saves you the cost of hiring full-time developers and maintaining extra IT infrastructure, which will ultimately increase your profit margins.

About Specific-Group Software Solutions

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No matter what your custom software development requirements are, Specific-Group is able to meet them. Contact our office in Miami, Florida today to take your business to the next level.


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