The Key Benefits of Using React Native for Your Business


Two major platforms dominate the mobile market, but doubling up on development time gets expensive. Creating an app that performs equally well on Android or iOS, with all of the same functionality, can be an incredible challenge and big budget sink. React Native allows you to develop a smooth user experience on any platform. For business apps, where intense graphics components are not an issue, React Native is a great way to speed up development and create easy continuity in your development flow. Here are just a few reasons why React Native should be your next app development platform.

1. Open Source Community of Developers

The more niche the development project, the fewer developers available and the more expensive their time. The mobile addition to the React platform continues the open source trend and enjoys a robust community of users who can assist with projects. Not only does that mean you will find it easier to staff your development squad, you’ll also find that your existing developers have easy access to the resources they need for new projects.

2. Reuse Code but Stay Native

Android and iOS own the largest share, by far, of the mobile OS market, but that still leaves you with the hassle of creating apps that work with both. Native apps are faster and function more smoothly, but the development cost can get out of control when you need to offer support for both Android and iOS. With React Native, most of your code applies to both systems. Sure, you’ll need to make some tweaks for performance on one or the other, but the bulk of the framework deploys seamlessly on either OS. That’s a big savings in time and money when rolling out a new app or pushing updates.

3. Fast and Functional

One of the biggest drawbacks of web-based mobile app design is the slow performance. With Native React, you still get 60 fps in reaction speed, even while the app is performing complex queries and using a lot of resources. The speed ensures a seamless UI experience that seems native, even though the app runs on JavaScript through Native React.

4. Add New Functions With React Native

In a traditional development environment, you can’t just switch platforms without a complete redesign. With React Native, you simply add React Native UI components with no need to rewrite any of your existing code. This gives you tremendous flexibility and a lot of savings on the front end.

5. Live Reloading for Faster Cycles

For developers, one of the biggest benefits is the ability to instantly assess changes in real time. There’s no need to code a change, save, upload it to a test site and run. With this flexible and agile platform, you can see changes as you make them. That helps improve workflow and cuts out delays when updating the UI for your app.

React Native is designed to be developer friendly. Specific-Group uses dedicated specialists that can help in emergencies or provide long-term support for your app development. The platform uses easily readable language and works with familiar development tools, so with the right partner, you can get your current IT team up to speed. Specific-Group excels at providing a right-sized IT solution for your enterprise app development needs. When you want it done right, done quickly and done on budget, contact us about your next React Native development project.


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