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In today’s fast paced world, organizations need a better way to connect people and processes. Going digital means so much more than using standard software for your business. Off-the-shelf products may help you with simple tasks now, but are you entering data manually, or entering the same data in multiple sheets? Specific-Group will recognize opportunities for streamlining your process with a custom software product or application. This will also keep you competitive in the marketplace.

High Scalability

The way your business runs could change over time. A custom software application can adapt quickly to meet your needs if you have a chance to grow. Off-the-shelf products typically don’t have this kind of flexibility. 

Better Compatibility

Do you have a few systems your business already uses? The good news is that custom software is integrated into your processes with little interruption. Our applications operate inside your organization’s current capabilities. 

Real Time Access

When data lives in multiple places, it’s easy for costly mistakes to happen. Custom software leaves room for real time data, even if there are thousands of users. Centralized data access helps your staff be more efficient. 

More Secure Data

Custom software helps protect your organization from outside threats. That’s because the majority of online hacking occurs when people exploit known vulnerabilities in standard or commonly used software. 

Improved Client Relations

Once you have given your business a digital upgrade, you’ll find that employees can get more done while products go to market faster. When processes are done more effectively, customer relationships improve! 

Save Money

Often new software packages means extra costs in terms of hardware for it to run effectively. However, our custom applications are tailored to your systems so you don’t have to spend more of your hard-earned revenue. 

Digitize Your Business

When bringing your business to a more digital platform through custom software, it’s important to design and implement a system that works for you. This is why Specific-Group has a staff of business analysts, project managers, developers and programmers to ensure that only the best practices are used for your organization.

Enterprise level software has many positive applications for your brand. Eliminate the cost of inefficiencies by leveraging the newest technologies. Specific-Group supports your business goals through custom software solutions. Our IT staff has the vision, problem solving abilities, and the capabilities to get the job completed on time and on budget.

Real Customers, Real Stories

Your success is our success. Specific-Group is your partner in custom software development, software project management, and dedicated development.

We understand the challenges presented by today’s diverse and mobile workforce. Our developers design software and applications that solve your pressing issues to save you time and resources. All solutions fit seamlessly into your current processes. Click here to see how Specific-Group can meet your goals and drive innovation in your company.


  • In Specific-Group, we have found a reliable long-term partner who understands our requirements in detail. Specific-Group assists us with the quality and flexibility needed to meet the expectations of the bank and our customers.

    Johann Krach
    Head of Product Development
  • Together with Specific-Group, we have developed a highly functional, easy to use tool as part of our integrated solution for telecom companies — and we were extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Walter Schober
  • We are very impressed by Specific-Group’s ability to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet our expectations in terms of quality, time to market and price!

    David O'Mahony
    CIO / COO
Our solutions are reliable, secure, and made with you in mind.
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