IT Staffing

When you build a dedicated team using our blend of on-shore and off-shore resources, you enjoy a cost reduction without compromising on quality. With our IT staffing services, Specific-Group chooses from our vast pool of resources to make sure your projects are completed on time and on budget. Our mission is to achieve exceptional service and high-quality products for your company. Hire dedicated developers proficient in JavaScript, Java, C#, .NET, Node.js, React, PHP, and more.

Business Analysts

Business analysis is a vital factor in ensuring the success of your custom software. Specific-Group’s professional analysts act as a liaison between your organization and development teams as problem solvers. An analyst will translate your market requirements into functions for development and testing.

Project Managers

Enterprises must grow rapidly to stay competitive in their industry, and this can put a strain on IT. Instead a project manager delegates tasks and ensures everyone is on the right track to meeting their deadlines. They take on the entire scope so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Developers/ Programmers

With new technology, programming languages, and platform options offered in the world today, it can be difficult to know who has the skills necessary to take on your extensive project. Specific-Group’s experienced developers translate your ideas and concepts into software.

Software Prototypers

Specific-Group employs professional prototypers to create mockups of your software before development. Prototypes minimize risks by refining issues early on. They also enable you to understand how the application is meant to look and function, no coding required.

Quality Assurance Managers

Specific-Group has a pool of Quality Assurance managers and professionals at your disposal to test enterprise solutions, custom software, and applications. Once your final product is created, our QA team follows up to ensure all of your requirements have been met.

UX and UI Designers

Both UX and UI are key in supporting end users in navigating software and applications. Specific-Group’s UX and UI professionals ensure that your organization’s goals are reached through software that not only operates well in the back end, but looks and feels great to your user.

Augment Your Own IT Team

Specific-Group’s IT staffing services match your organization with the skillsets that fit you best. We start by understanding your business goals and the gaps that need to be filled. Together we find a strategy to close those gaps with the right talent and competencies.

At Specific-Group, our IT professionals understand how a custom software application will solve a problem or meet a need. We are uniquely able to identify what will make your business more efficient and productive. With just the right organizational and management skills, as well as technical knowledge, we can help you get the job done quickly and easily. We ensure that our business analysts, developers, project managers and more take an active role in providing IT solutions for your organization. Contact our qualified IT staff for your first analysis today.

Real Customers, Real Stories

Your success is our success. Specific-Group is your partner in custom software development, software project management, and dedicated development.

We understand the challenges presented by today’s diverse and mobile workforce. Our developers design software and applications that solve your pressing issues to save you time and resources. All solutions fit seamlessly into your current processes. Click here to see how Specific-Group can meet your goals and drive innovation in your company.


  • In Specific-Group, we have found a reliable long-term partner who understands our requirements in detail. Specific-Group assists us with the quality and flexibility needed to meet the expectations of the bank and our customers.

    Johann Krach
    Head of Product Development
  • Together with Specific-Group, we have developed a highly functional, easy to use tool as part of our integrated solution for telecom companies — and we were extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Walter Schober
  • We are very impressed by Specific-Group’s ability to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet our expectations in terms of quality, time to market and price!

    David O'Mahony
    CIO / COO
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