Software Prototyping Services

When it comes to prototypes, Specific-Group finds the right balance between form and function. Our UX and UI designers take into account key elements like structure, layout, and flow so users can navigate and log into your software product or application seamlessly. Not only that, our prototypes have a visual appeal that match your branding guidelines and appeal to users.

Research & Testing

Wireframes and prototypes allow feedback from users, stakeholders, and investors before starting full-scale development.

Web & App Designs

Mockups are viewed on mobile and desktop settings so that we can identify potential shortcomings in flow and usability. 

Collaborative Communication

Designers, developers, and project managers work together to bridge communications and ensure an effective product. 

Minimize Risk

Prototyping roots out major kinks before writing a single line of code.  This guarantees all features perform effectively. 

Perfect User Flows

Our UX and UI designers create smooth user flows to guarantee a product that is highly interactive and easy to use. 

Visualize Your Product

Instead of a static screen, our software prototypes are clickable and use animations, gestures, transitions, and other effects. 

Interactive Prototypes and Wireframes

The prototype experts and UX/UI designers at Specific-Group create solutions with their own understanding of how to develop production-ready features. Early working models and wireframes minimize risk by helping us discover unforeseen obstacles ahead of time. They also add a touch of visual appeal to your end product.

Specific-Group’s software prototyping services reduce development time considerably. Our developers build and test concepts to show how the product is meant to work on a functional, practical basis. Specific-Group has enjoyed proven repeated success through this high level of insight.

Specific-Group’s expert prototypers build and test concepts to clarify requirements and show how the product is meant to work on a functional, practical basis. Once a prototype is complete, our team discusses each element with your organization, stakeholders, and anyone else who may be invested in the software.Our team members enjoy proven repeated success through a high level of insight into your unique project.

Real Customers, Real Stories

Your success is our success. Specific-Group is your partner in custom software development, software project management, and dedicated development.

We understand the challenges presented by today’s diverse and mobile workforce. Our developers design software and applications that solve your pressing issues to save you time and resources. All solutions fit seamlessly into your current processes. Click here to see how Specific-Group can meet your goals and drive innovation in your company.


  • In Specific-Group, we have found a reliable long-term partner who understands our requirements in detail. Specific-Group assists us with the quality and flexibility needed to meet the expectations of the bank and our customers.

    Johann Krach
    Head of Product Development
  • Together with Specific-Group, we have developed a highly functional, easy to use tool as part of our integrated solution for telecom companies — and we were extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Walter Schober
  • We are very impressed by Specific-Group’s ability to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet our expectations in terms of quality, time to market and price!

    David O'Mahony
    CIO / COO
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