Custom .NET Development

Since 2002, .NET has been helping businesses with its wide range of tools, libraries, third party components, and infrastructure. This platform is a perfect cost-effective solution to enhancing workflow and operations. Our top developers build your organization custom solutions from scratch.

Specific-Group’s skilled .NET developers can design and execute a complete end-to-end custom software solution for your enterprise. Our technical experts can bring your business up to speed by modernizing systems or give you application integration for legacy systems. We offer everything from detailed development strategies to comprehensive post-launch support.

Web Applications


Web Services

WCF Services, REST, SOAP, JSON, OData, Windows Forms, WPF, XAML Browser Apps, Silverlight


HTTPS/SSL, SSO, X.509, NTLM, Kerberos, Encryption, Auditing, Logging

UI Components

ASP .NET, AJAX CT, DevExpress, Telerik, Infragistics

Distributed Apps

Enterprise Services, .NET Remoting


Silverlight, RIA Services, JavaScript


SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, BizTalk, Exchange Server

Data Access

ADO .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate

.NET Enterprise Solutions

Specific-Group offers cost-efficient, clearly coded, and optimized .NET solutions. Our software developers can seamlessly migrate existing applications to the .NET framework, improving cross-platform performance and scalability. They can also customize a third-party software solution to meet your business goals. This includes user-interface redesigns, CMS-enabled solutions, and much more.

.NET development shapes the way you handle document and content management, resource planning, and billing options to keep things running smoothly. Specific-Group can help your business do more with customer and employee portals, new reporting tools, media streaming solutions, and more.

Enjoy the best technical support for .NET applications, either as a part of a custom development package or as a dedicated service. Specific-Group makes sure to test every feature and user scenario, ensuring that projects are launched with as few issues as possible.

Real Customers, Real Stories

Your success is our success. Review our recent case studies and testimonials to learn how other companies have benefited from us as a custom software development company. Our team has years of experience connecting businesses and dedicated resources together to drive innovation in your company and meet your goals.


  • In Specific-Group, we have found a reliable long-term partner who understands our requirements in detail. Specific-Group assists us with the quality and flexibility needed to meet the expectations of the bank and our customers.

    Johann Krach
    Head of Product Development
  • Together with Specific-Group, we have developed a highly functional, easy to use tool as part of our integrated solution for telecom companies — and we were extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Walter Schober
  • We are very impressed by Specific-Group’s ability to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet our expectations in terms of quality, time to market and price!

    David O'Mahony
    CIO / COO

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