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Enabling transformation together since 1998

Marcus Brandstetter started SPG in Vienna, Austria, in 1998 and our company with strong service orientation quickly established itself on the market. Today, with over 450 employees in nine countries, we have become one of the leading IT- services providers in Austria and pushing towards Germany. From IT recruitment, software- and product development to smartshoring: we now offer tailored solutions for SMEs and large companies.
owner-managed company with strong values


We are still an owner-managed company with strong values: trust, expertise, flexibility and reliability are our top priorities. We are a team of skilled experts and with out joint know how we are able to respond quickly to new needs and changes in the IT-market.
Our loyal customer base serves challenging markets: banks, fintech, insurance, production, logistics and mobility. All together very dynamic markets with lots of groundbreaking changes on the way. We serve our customers by providing senior specialists who combine technical expertise with relevant business know how. Long-term partnerships are our goal. 
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Strong partnerships

For many years we built a network of strong and reliable partnerships to help us provide non-core services to our customers at highest standards. Our partners Fresche, IT-PS, iNew, Snowflake and Hawk:AI offer market leading products and services, fully integrated into our IT solutions. These synergies strengthen our service portfolio and offer a smooth integration of our offerings to our customers solution platforms.

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