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Cloud & Infrastructure

The base of your cloud strategy

Are you desperate about your IT infrastructure and lack an overview of all platforms?

Maximize the efficiency of your applications with our cloud migration-, automation- and DevOps services.

Platform Strategies

Let us help you optimize your platform strategy with our comprehensive analysis of technical and commercial criteria. We develop target architectures that support and drive your business goals.

Plattform Strategie.


We strengthen your infrastructure security with our interim CISO service, dedicated business- and process analysts, implementation teams for quick updates and DevOps experts.

Wir unterstützen bei I nfrastructure-as-a-Service

AIOps & DevOps

Our DevOps and AIOps experts help create infrastructure-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-code and make AI operations fully integrated into your infrastructure, permissions and security frameworks. Use our team to keep your specialists up date in this fast changing times of data modeling, infrastructure integration and controlled prompt management.


As platforms and services move to (hybrid)clouds, keeping cost under control becomes a major challenge – one that our FinOps experts help with. Aligned with your platform- and architecture strategies as well as commercial targets, we make budgeting of cloud expenses possible & predicatble and setup controlling & approval processes for your finance teams.

Cloud Migration

Rely on our IT specialists for your cloud migration. Our project managers, architects, business analysts, DevOps specialists and testers will guide you through your migration project: from host applications to multi-cloud solutions, supported by leading hyperscalers such as AWS, GCP and Azure.

IT infrastructure

Using proven IT infrastructure benchmarks, we analyze architecture, technology, processes and costs to create an optimal IT environment for you. Our expertise covers several areas of basic infrastructure and services, including Directory Services, Servers, Backup, Storage, Databases, DR, IAM, Data Center, IT Security, Communication and Collaboration, Multimedia, Provider and Carrier Services, IT Service Desk, Object Security, and more. The resulting insights show you where you need to take action and where you can optimize. The necessary steps for consolidation, required interfaces between systems or realignment can then be determined in detail. Your business and IT strategy forms the basis for this.


Cloud & Infrastructure


Midrange & Mainframe


Legacy Support & Migration