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An Ultimate AI-Driven Solution

IoT-Based Parcel Management Technology

This platform revolutionizes the way parcels are sent and received by offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for businesses and consumers alike. The system can be deployed in parallel with existing delivery channels.

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Transform your Parcel Management

Our Parcel Solution is a state-of-the-art IoT-based (IoT stands for Internet of Things) platform that seamlessly connects parcel lockers, pickup stores, and mobile devices. Whether you’re a retailer, logistics provider, or individual consumer, our platform provides a seamless experience from start to finish. Simply drop off your parcel at a designated location, and let our platform handle the rest. With real-time tracking and notifications, you’ll always know the status of your delivery.

BoxXpress is more than just a delivery service – it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers businesses to streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience. From web applications and supplier panels to CRM solutions and business intelligence dashboards, we provide everything you need to manage your parcel operations efficiently. Our competitive pricing and low production costs mean you can enjoy cost savings without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Our Parcel Solution has already made a significant impact on businesses worldwide. By reducing logistics costs and improving delivery efficiency, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes improve their bottom line and enhance customer satisfaction. With our integrated software and hardware infrastructure, supported by a team of dedicated professionals, BoxXpress Parcel Solution is the smart choice for modern businesses.

Use Case

Slashing last-mile delivery costs for an online retail company

The challenge:
The retail company needed to ensure on-time delivery while accommodating dynamic requests for changing the time or place of delivery.

The solution:
By implementing the BoxXpress solution, the company was able to consolidate a noteworthy portion of orders, delivering them to a single destination. This not only significantly reduced delivery costs but also shortened delivery times per parcel and eliminated waiting times for end users. The seamless and simple user experience, supported by a range of PWA applications, enhanced satisfaction levels among key stakeholders, including customers, couriers, and the business owner.

A leading player in E-Commerce (online retail company)

About SPG Software Distribution

Enabling Transformation, Togehter!

As a pioneering venture under the distinguished umbrella of SPG, our Software Distribution vertical is dedicated to redefining digitalization for businesses. Our mission is to provide tailored software and IT solutions that are affordable, compliant, and immediately usable. Clients don’t always need to start software development from scratch; we free them from technical headaches, empowering them to focus on their core business, by means of handy turnkey solutions.

At SPG Software Distribution, we believe in empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. Through software licensing and sales, complemented by customization and localization services, we ensure our clients receive optimal solutions tailored to their needs. Our extensive experience in creating digital transformation success stories, combined with our comprehensive support from deployment to maintenance, makes us a trusted partner in your digital journey.

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Empowering digital transformation with tailored software solutions

Many businesses seek ready-to-use, customizable solutions – from off-the-shelf software packages to low-code/no-code platforms and SaaS/PaaS services. These turnkey solutions not only enable a confident launch, effectiveness, and scalability, but also can significantly reduce costs in both the short and long term. This process goes beyond finding the most fitting software; it requires the expertise of an experienced partner.

At SPG Software Distribution, we simplify this journey. With a proven technical track record of the group and extensive experience in creating digital transformation success stories, we go beyond being merely a development or software resale company. We become your trusted partner, guiding you through every step of designing and integrating new technology into your business. Our comprehensive digital transformation packages ensure you receive the optimal solution tailored to your needs, backed by support from setting optional contracts to deployment and maintenance supported by a range of organizational advisory programs, as per request.

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