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Expertise in Projektmanagement
Your software solutions made by our IT specialists

Your IT strategy cannot be coordinated with business objectives and engineering is not very agile?

With expertise in project management and architecture analysis we build the foundation for successful IT projects. Based on this, we support with design & prototyping, process analysis & requirements engineering and software engineering to develop tailored solutions. Where beneficial, we introduce No- and LowCode solutions to support your citizen developers. Our vast pool of quality control- and DevOps specialists help deliver sound projects.

Projectmanagemet, Analysis & Architecture

Our services include projectmanagement, programmanagement, run an effective PMO, prepare build-buy-borrow decisions, take care of RFIs and RFPs and support your tenders. We also carry out IT architecture health checks, advise on the transformation of your tech-stack and link your IT strategy to your business goals with our Enterprise Architecture Management.

Design & Prototyping

We combine technical expertise with creative design and user-centered solutions. Coordination with end users is a core element in developing an appealing and functional UX/UI design. With latest tools we enable efficient (interactive) prototyping. Our design sprints and rapid prototyping methods accelerate your product development process.

Technische Expertise mit kreativem Design und benutzerzentrierten Lösungen

Process Analysis & Requirement Engineering

We increase the efficiency and automation of your business processes. Our IT experts carry out detailed process- and business analysis to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We identify potentials to grow your teams efficiency and implementing these changes.

Software Engineering

We offer everything for successful software implementation: planning, architecture, front- and backend development, testing and rollout-support. All of this with latest technologies & tools to make sure that your initiative becomes a big success!

No-Code Solutions

No-Code Solutions

With our LoCode and NoCode solutions, we automate your business processes and reduce effort of business units on traditional IT. By adapting and modeling your own processes, we increase agility and accelerate release cycles. By supporting citizen developers, we encourage the participation of non-IT employees in development, hence speeding up innovation cycles.

Systems Integration

We take care of your system integration by implementing standard software solutions and creating efficient API layers. Connecting various software systems, including SAP, Salesforce and MS Dynamics is part of our daily business. We also use our own tool “Amonga” for low-code API conversion and data orchestration.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We develop test strategies and concepts tailored to your specific needs and rely on both manual testing and test automation. Our testing procedures and bug-tracking ensures continuous improvement across all development streams.

Rollout & Run

We offer comprehensive software maintenance support, including bug fixing, security patching and technical enhancement to ensure the longevity and security of your systems. Our proactive monitoring and incident management for 2nd and 3rd level support, together with integrated change management, ensure rapid adaptation to new requirements.


Platform Engineering

We focus on modern DevOps practices and CI/CD pipelines to improve the software development life cycle and accelerate the delivery of applications. We support teams with self-service solutions, optimized tools and workflows and an internal developer platforms to accelerate deployment procedures.


Cloud & Infrastructure


Midrange & Mainframe


Legacy Support & Migration