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Our Products

Applications to perfectly service the needs of niche markets

Tailored solutions for some vertical markets!

Our product portfolio services the needs of niche markets such as student dorms, orchestras or API integration for fintechs. Complemented by tools for source code migration, data conversion and NoCode form- and process handling, we offer standardized solutions for highly specialized use cases.
We constantly invest in innovation. From participating in ventures, cooperating with customers or developing our own solutions – we are constantly looking for highly promising solutions.


Amonga, the Swiss army knife of data orchestration, supports application integration and is used for API conversion or the operation and validation of data pipelines – in real time or with batch processing.


As a no-code workflow automation platform, Antson offers the possibility to configure, adapt and deploy form-based processes to production easily and quickly. Antson therefore is the ideal interface between IT and business.

Antson, No-Code Workflow-Automationsplattform.


The Baierl ERP system is a tailored solution for dental supply wholesalers. Our addressing of industry-specific requirements for your salesforce, order-delivery processes and audit trails is the reason to go for this ERP system.

Baierl ERP-System by Specific-Group Austria.


Dormy manages student accommodations with a user-friendly interface, customizable features and back-office automation. From booking request, assignments, contracting, move-in process to auto renewals: Dormy covers your support team.

Dormy verwaltet Studentenwohnheime digital by Specific-Group Austria.


As a code migration tool, LegacyLift is used for the documentation and transformation of legacy code. LegacyLift efficiently transforms legacy code such as Cobol, PL1, RPG, Delphi or SAS into modern languages such as Java and Python. Code translations, tests and documentation are automated and manual effort is reduced by between 40 and 60%. It combines tradition with innovation and makes applications future-proof. The advantages are cost efficiency, security and the combination of AI with expertise, which ensures the highest quality.

LegacyLift transformiert effizient Legacy Code wie Cobol, RPG oder SAS in moderne Sprachen wie Java und Pyton. By Specific-Group Austria.


Tseba orchestrates infrastructure components and data streams for IoT. Fully integrated node- & gateway- configuration and -updates as well as preconfigured data-pipelines are key for seamless integration of IoT into your network- and data-infrastructure.

Tseba bietet End-to-End-Lösungen für das Monitoring von Anlagen in Versorgungs- und Energieunternehmen, orchestriert IoT-Infrastruktur. By Specific-Group Austria.
Yool ist eine zentrale Online-Plattform für Orchester Management by Specific Group Austria.


Yool is your platform for orchestra management to efficiently manage all aspects of concerts and tours. Originally developed for orchestras and choirs, Yool is used by a large number of service providers in various industries. In addition to scheduling, Yool offers a wide range of other essential functions such as billing, comprehensive inventory management, communication with all parties involved and much more.

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