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Legacy Support & Migration

Secure the future of your IT systems with our support- and migration services

Do you lack legacy-support and legacy-migration services to max-out your IT systems?

Legacy applications usually are not very complicated or expensive to run – but they are complex, have limited documentation and skills available to update and often slow down innovation cycles. Let us help fill these gaps and run and/or migrate your applications.


Replacing legacy stack often is blocked by limited integration of business and operational stake holders. We help covering all aspects of migration projects from downscaling requirements, scheduling, testing, sign-offs and releasing of updated solutions.

IT-Experten Specific-Group Austria.
Use case: Migration of the core banking system to the cloud

The challenge
To migrate an old CBS, consisting of a Java EE application and Cobol modules, partly from the IBM mainframe infrastructure, to the cloud. This was done in two phases: Splitting the Java application and integrating it into a new fintech product for Cobol replacement.

The solution
We split the monolithic Java EE application into manageable microservices and modules and implemented APIs to communicate with the Cobol modules. This new API design provided better abstraction and comprehensibility of the business process interfaces.

A well-known Austrian banking group.

Analysis & Architecture

Our experts analyze APIs, functions in use and data structures to ensure efficient migration strategies and pick the best tools & people for migration projects.

Use case: Implement claims tool for the mobile industry

The challenge
The customer needed a modern software solution for vehicle claims management to replace the legacy system, optimize the claims management business case and create a basis for the integration of new insurance products.

The solution
We developed web-based claims management tools using Java/Angular that improves business processes through dashboards and integrates new insurance products.

A modern Austrian bank that offers mobility financing

Cost Optimization

Once you decided to stick with your platform, we help you to optimize cost of your legacy applications by optimizing code, modernize calls, use modern data structures in addition to existing data bases and by screening & optimizing tools you are licensing on an ongoing base.

Software Engineering

We are your software development partner to implement changes and modernize reliable applications in e.g. Cobol, PL1, C++ or Perl.

Use case: Bank-wide SAS-to-Python migration

The challenge
A bank wanted to convert its reporting and business analyses from SAS to Python. Internal implementation was almost impossible due to high cost estimates and resource blocking.

The solution
We combined our LegacyLift tool with our IT resources and a small banking team to achieve significant savings. We achieved a 60% improvement on low complexity, 50% on medium complexity and 40% on high complexity. We also achieved a 20% improvement in SAS-generated ETL processes and 50% overall savings compared to the fully human-led code migration.

A well-known banking group

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an integral part of our services to ensure the highest standards in software development and delivery – especially for legacy applications where limited technical and business skills are available.

Rollout & Run

We support the rollout and run of legacy IT systems to ensure smooth operations and seamless integration & automation with modern tech stacks and environments.

Full-Service IT-Dienstleister.

Regulatory & Documentation

We ensure that all IT solutions meet regulatory requirements and that full documentation is provided for easy maintenance and compliance. Where applicable, we create these documentations with our AI powered tool “LegacyLift”. And in particular, we can help you comply with security regulations such as NIS2 and DORA.

Use case: Implementation of the regulatory information security guidelines (EBA and DORA)

The Challenge
The business requirement was to enable the bank to implement the EBA and DORA guidelines efficiently and appropriately for the size of the bank. The complex organizational structure and a tight timeframe had to be taken into account.

The solution
We set up an efficient project management to coordinate the regulatory requirements in our complex structure. Our team consisted of subject matter experts and key resources from compliance, information security and IT.

A modern Austrian bank with a focus on mobility finance offerings


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