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Our payments services include efficient routing and conversion solutions for seamless payment transactions. We specialize in payment format migration, support the transition to ISO20022 and offer instant payments solutions that allow you to benefit from the speed and efficiency of instant transactions.

Trade Finance

With our customized trade finance solutions, we automate your business processes with intelligent systems integration. Our experts increase efficiency through fully automated and AI supported supply chain processing. Our IT experts integrate financial and core banking systems, minimize manual activities and increase process speed for your optimized and automated trade operations.



Our digital solutions revolutionize the loans approval process with a fully automated application process. We offer onboarding, advanced scoring models to assess creditworthiness, compliance checks and digital document processing with e-signatures. Our technology makes loan approval more efficient, secure and customer-friendly.



We cover the lifecycle of card products for banks and help integrate standardized solutions into your applications. Our solutions include smooth transaction processing, secure system connectivity and implementation of strong customer authentication (SCA) for enhanced online transaction security. Rely on our IT specialists for future-proof, customer-centric bank card solutions.


We are specialized in the integration of standard leasing systems, building modern frontends to them and help you switch to more suiting leasing platforms. Our solutions make the transition efficient without interrupting operations. We guarantee seamless data migration and system integration for continuous, high-performance leasing operations. We are your IT service provider for the modernization of your leasing processes.


We offer advanced solutions for the fully automated opening of securities accounts and the efficient processing of funds and share-based transactions. Our systems simplify account opening and enable precise, timely settlement in securities trading, which increases process efficiency and cover all regulatory and corporate reporting requirements.

Online Banking
Online Banking

Online Banking

Online Banking

As your IT service provider, we develop and implement modern online banking frontends with web technologies for an optimal user experience. Our expertise includes PSD2-compliant interfaces for secure and standardized access to account information. Our x2a APIs ensure security and user-friendliness in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Our fully automated onboarding solution for new customers optimizes the entire process from legitimation to necessary kyc workflows and account opening as well as print/online document provision. We also offer life-cycle services to facilitate your master data updates for a user-friendly experience.

Core Banking

Benefit from our expertise in software development and migration of core banking systems. We implement, update and maintain tailor-made core banking systems with RPG, COBOL and Java. With extended teams of experts we also support the selection and replacement of existing core banking systems.


Document Management

Optimize your document management with our services. We enable the smooth transfer and synchronization of documents and metadata between banking systems. Our expertise also includes the migration and modernization of archiving systems for efficient and secure print/web document management.

Identity and Access Management

Keep your digital processes protected with our identity and access management solutions. We implement and integrate advanced IAM systems, including two-factor authentication. We offer SCA workflows for secure transaction authorization and data protection. Rely on our expertise for a robust security infrastructure.


Process Automation

Process Automation

Increase efficiency and quality with our process automation solutions for business processes such as onboarding, credit approval and product opening. Our technologies reduce manual activities, improve data quality and promote the scalability of your company. Experience how our process automation optimizes your workflows.


Meet regulatory requirements effortlessly with our compliance consulting services. We provide support with EBA guidelines and DORA, integrate KYC, AML and fraud detection providers such as Hawk:AI. We also help implement compliant and effient GDPR procedures.


We help you make the best of your existing on prem infrastructre and where reasonable, migrate to (hybrid)clouds. Take advantage of our IT consulting, capacity management, FinOps and DevOps for planning a future-proof IT architecture.

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Cloud & Infrastruktur

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Midrange & Mainframe

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Legacy Support & Migration