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Are you a senior
IT professional?

75% Senior colleague
Ø 12 years experience

80% Homeoffice Flexible time management

11 international locations
over 25 years of IT experience

IT-Professionals bei der Specific-Group. Jobs für Freelancer und Festangestellte.

Apply without CV

Who we are & what we do

Would you like to help shape modern IT projects? Is a pure product company too monotonous for you? Then we could be a perfect match! Our developers share technical know-how, seniority and, above all, the desire to constantly develop and work on a wide variety of projects. With us, you can learn from the best and at the same time contribute your own knowledge to a variety of successful projects.

The first call with us is quick & easy:
  • You will receive information about the transparent salary structure
  • You will learn everything about the team your work with
  • You will gain insight into a typical sprint in our senior team
You will receive honest feedback within 3 days.

Does that sound interesting? Let’s talk for 15 minutes, all straightforward and without a CV.

Ø 11 days
recruiting process
direct & transparent

Freelance contract option long-term full-time workload

Not an IT-product company
No dead end job

Central Office Schwedenplatz,
1. District

Jobs for employees

We are regularly looking for developers with a desire for permanent IT experts for international projects. Our other teams are also constantly growing. 

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Jobs for freelancers

Due to the variety of projects and locations, we are constantly looking for freelance IT experts for international projects. 

View all jobs for freelancers
Simple & reliable

Ø 11 days recruiting process

You have the choice between 28 senior Scrum teams, projects in different industries and you don’t have a 60-hour consulting week.

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IT-Professionals bei der Specific-Group. Jobs für Freelancer und Festangestellte.

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