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Tariff Manager

Integrate insurers with APIs and rebuild offline available tariffs with the built in tariff manager in our comprehensive tariff comparison tool. With this, your sales gets the real time support for servicing their clients at a state of the art level. After choosing the right product, our system supports the the fully integrated process of requesting-offering-approval-issuing process of policies.

Lifecycle Services

With our lifecycle services you can react quickly to new offerings or changes in existing tariffs and connect with relevant customers & offer them alternatives in an efficient way. Based on IDD & KYC information, our sysdtems helps you target new potential needs of your existing customers in realtime.


Application Process

We digitize your insurance application processes with our NoCode solution “Antson”. Experience intuitive data capture, precise risk assessment, automated premium calculation and the creation of digitally signed insurance contracts in PDF format. Backoffice handling gets semi-automated and sped up significantly with our workflows. For quick and hassle free implementation, Antson runs as a SaaS in the cloud and is mobile optimized for end users.

IT-Epxperten im Bereich Nearshore und Onsite.

Damage Report

With our NoCode solution “Antson”, we enable an efficient and user-friendly claims reporting process. From capture and coverage verification to submission incl. all necessary details, our platform strategy approach offers easy creation and updating of claims reports for users and efficient back-office interfaces.

Full-Service IT-Dienstleister.

OMDS & Bipro Standards

Benefit from our API-management and data-transformation suite “Amonga” for the implementation of OMDS- & BIPRO-compliant interfaces. We connect your existing systems and data to suppliers, partners and customers in an efficient and fast way.

Full-Service IT-Dienstleister.

InsurTech No-Code Platform

Facilitate the customer journey in all insurance areas with our No Code solution. From application to policy issuance, self-service areas and claims reporting through to claims processing and payment – all on one platform.


Cloud & Infrastructure


Midrange & Mainframe


Legacy Support & Migration